Kinetics of ethanol and methanol in alcoholics during detoxification.

  title={Kinetics of ethanol and methanol in alcoholics during detoxification.},
  author={A. W. Jones and Bengt Sternebring},
  journal={Alcohol and alcoholism},
  volume={27 6},
We investigated the kinetics of ethanol and methanol in 20 dependent alcoholics (16 men and four women) during the first 24 hr after admission to hospital for detoxification. The blood-ethanol concentration (BEC) on admission ranged from 238 to 489 mg/dl (mean 386 mg/dl). The mean rate of ethanol disappearance from the blood was 23 mg/dl/hr with a spread from 13 to 36 mg/dl/hr. The concentrations of methanol in blood at the start of detoxification ranged from 0.16 to 2.8 mg/dl (mean 1.15 mg/dl… CONTINUE READING

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