Kinetics of acetaminophen absorption and gastric emptying in man.

  title={Kinetics of acetaminophen absorption and gastric emptying in man.},
  author={John C. Clements and R C Heading and Walter S. Nimmo and Laurie F Prescott},
  journal={Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics},
  volume={24 4},
Eight healthy male volunteers ingested an aqueous solution containing acetaminophen (20 mg/kg) and a nonabsorbable isotopic marker. The concentrations of unconjugated acetaminophen in samples of blood plasma taken at frequent intervals were measured by gas-liquid chromatography. The data points followed a smooth curve in most cases and were fitted to the classical two-compartment pharmacokinetic model to obtain KA, the apparent first-order rate constant for absorption from the gastrointestinal… CONTINUE READING