Kinetics of NO and NO2 evolution from illuminated frozen nitrate solutions.

  title={Kinetics of NO and NO2 evolution from illuminated frozen nitrate solutions.},
  author={Christopher S. Boxe and Agust{\'i}n J Colussi and Michael Hoffmann and Iker Perez and Jennifer G. Murphy and Ronald C. Cohen},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A},
  volume={110 10},
The release of NO and NO2 from frozen aqueous NaNO3 irradiated at 313 nm was studied using time-resolved spectroscopic techniques. The kinetic behavior of NO and NO2 signals during on-and-off illumination cycles confirms that NO2 is a primary photoproduct evolving from the outermost ice layers and reveals that NO is a secondary species generated deeper in the ice, whence it eventually emerges due to its inertness and larger diffusivity. NO is shown to be more weakly held than NO2 by ice in… CONTINUE READING

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