Kinetics and thermodynamics of intermolecular catalysis by hairpin ribozymes.

  title={Kinetics and thermodynamics of intermolecular catalysis by hairpin ribozymes.},
  author={Lisa Hegg and M. J. Fedor},
  volume={34 48},
The hairpin ribozyme, derived from the negative strand of the satellite RNA of tobacco ringspot virus, belongs to the class of small catalytic RNAs that cleave RNA to generate 2',3'-cyclic phosphate and 5'hydroxyl termini and ligate these termini in the reverse reaction to form 3',5'-phosphodiesters. Rate and equilibrium constants for binding, dissociation, cleavage, and ligation steps in the kinetic mechanism were determined using a series of hairpin ribozyme/substrate pairs that differed in… CONTINUE READING


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