Kinetics and mechanism of ruthenium tetroxide catalysed oxidation of cyclic alcohols by bromate in a base

  title={Kinetics and mechanism of ruthenium tetroxide catalysed oxidation of cyclic alcohols by bromate in a base},
  author={Bharat Singh and Sheila Srivastava},
  journal={Transition Metal Chemistry},
SummaryKinetic investigations on the RuO4-catalysed oxidation of cyclopentanol (Cypol) and cyclohexanol (Cyhol) in alkaline KBrO3 in the presence of Hg(OAc)2 which acts as a bromide ion scavenger have been made in the 30°–45°C range. The reaction exhibits zero order kinetics in OH− and is first order with respect to BrO3−, substrate and RuO4. The influence of Hg(OAc)2 and ionic strength is insignificant. A transient complex, formed between HRuO5− (the active species of RuO4) and the cyclic… 
Mechanistic Study of Ruthenium(III) Catalyzed Oxidation of Cyclohexanone by Acidic Bromate
In this work, kinetics and mechanism of Ru(III) catalyzed oxidation of cyclohexanone by acidified solution of potassium bromate has been studied. Present study employ mercuric acetate Hg (OAc)2 as a
Mechanism of iridium(III) catalysis in the oxidation of diols by N-bromoacetamide
The kinetics of iridium(III)-catalysed oxidation of 1,2-ethanediol and 1,4-butanediol by N-bromoacetamide (NBA) in HClO4 in the presence of [Hg(OAc)2] as a scavenger for Br− have been investigated and (H2OBr)+ is postulated as the oxidizing species.
Mechanistic study of osmium(VIII) promoted oxidation of crotonic acid by aqueous alkaline solution of potassium bromate
Kinetics and mechanism of the Os(VIII) catalysed oxidation of crotonic acid (CA) by KBrO3 in alkaline medium have been investigated. Zero order dependence in [KBrO3] was observed, while first order
Studies on transition metal nitrido and oxo complexes. Part 161. The nature of the oxoruthenates involved in some rutheniumcatalysed organic oxidations
SummaryElectronic spectroscopy has been used to ascertain the nature of the oxoruthenates present in a number of organic oxidations catalysed by ruthenium complexes reported in the literature. The
Kinetic  investigations  on  Pd(II)  catalyzed oxidation  of  dl-serine and  dl-threonine  by  acidic  solution of  potassium  bromate  in  the presence  of  mercuric  acetate,  as  a  scavenger 
Kinetics and Mechanism of Aquachlororuthenium (III) Catalyzed Oxidation of Tartaric Acid by Acid Bromate
The kinetics of the oxidation of Ru (III) catalyzed oxidation of tartaric acid by potassium bromate in aqueous perchloric acid medium at constant ionic strength was investigated in the temperature
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Kinetic methods of analysis are now accepted as standard analytical procedures for several of reactions, especially oxidation types. Though the reaction of phenols and substituted phenols by
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The kinetics of Ru(III) chloride-catalyzed oxidation of β-Alanine (NH3+CH2CH2COOH, β-Ala) by N–bromophthalimide (NBP) in aqueous perchloric acid medium was studied at 35 °C. The rate law followed a


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The kinetics of the oxidation of a number of aliphatic and aromatic secondary alcohols with N-bromo succinimide has been investigated. Electron-withdrawing substituents retard the reaction consider...
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Kinetic investigations on Ru(III) catalyzed oxidation of 2-methylcyclohexanol by acidic solution of potassium bromate has been made in the presence of mercuric acetate as scavenger for bromide ions.