Kinetics and energetics of oligomer desorption from surfaces.


The dynamics of oligomer desorption from surfaces has been studied by measuring the desorption kinetics of a set of straight chain alkanes [ H(CH2)(n)H, with n = 5 to 60] from the surface of single crystalline graphite. Desorption is observed to be a first-order process and the preexponent of the desorption rate constant has a value nu = 10(19.6+/-0.5) sec… (More)


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@article{Paserba2001KineticsAE, title={Kinetics and energetics of oligomer desorption from surfaces.}, author={Kris R. Paserba and Andrew J Gellman}, journal={Physical review letters}, year={2001}, volume={86 19}, pages={4338-41} }