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Kinetic simulations of collision-less plasmas in open magnetic geometries

  title={Kinetic simulations of collision-less plasmas in open magnetic geometries},
  author={Atul Kumar and Juan F. Mar{\'i}n},
Laboratory plasmas in open magnetic geometries can be found in many different applications such as (1) Scrape-Of-Layer (SOL) and divertor regions in toroidal confinement fusion devices (≈ 1 − 102 eV), (2) linear divertor simulators (≈ 1 − 10 eV), (3) plasma-based thrusters (≈ 10 eV) and (4) magnetic mirrors (≈ 102 − 103 eV). A common feature of these plasma systems is the need to resolve, in addition to velocity space, at least one physical dimension (e.g. along flux lines) to capture the… Expand

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