Kinetic mechanism and inhibitor characterization of WNK1 kinase.

  title={Kinetic mechanism and inhibitor characterization of WNK1 kinase.},
  author={Yukiko Yagi and Koichi Abe and Kazunori Ikebukuro and Koji Sode},
  volume={48 43},
Pseudohypoaldosteronism type II (PHAII) is caused by the mutation of two members of the WNK (with-no-K[Lys] kinase) kinase family. We describe here the development of an in vitro WNK1 microfluidic mobility shift assay for kinetic mechanism studies. Assays using capillary electrophoresis on a microfluidic chip are suitable for both compound selection and mechanistic studies, because of the robustness of this method, as well as its high-throughput feature and insensitivity to the ATP… CONTINUE READING

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