Kinetic characterization of two I/II format hammerhead ribozymes.

  title={Kinetic characterization of two I/II format hammerhead ribozymes.},
  author={B Clouet-d'Orval and O. C. Uhlenbeck},
  volume={2 5},
Five new hammerhead ribozymes were designed that assemble through the formation of helices I and II (I/II format) instead of the more standard assembly through helices I and III (I/III format). The substrate binding and cleavage properties of such hammerheads could potentially be different due to the absence of loop II and the requirement for the entire catalytic core to assemble. Two I/II format hammerheads, HHalpha1 and HHalpha5, which show structural homogeneity on native gels, were… CONTINUE READING

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