Kinetic analysis of protein production after DNA transfection.

  title={Kinetic analysis of protein production after DNA transfection.},
  author={Yuma Yamada and Hiroyuki Kamiya and Hideyoshi Harashima},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={299 1-2},
The production of an exogenous protein by the transfection of a plasmid DNA encoding the protein was kinetically analyzed, to determine the efficiency of the transfection. Cultured NIH3T3 or HeLa cells, and the luciferase protein were used as a model system in this experiment. The findings indicate that at least a 8x10(4)- and 4x10(3)-fold molar amounts of luciferase protein was produced from one copy of the plasmid DNA molecule in NIH3T3 and HeLa cells, respectively. The rate of elimination of… CONTINUE READING