[Kinesitherapy in the treatment of muscle spasm].


Muscular spasm is type of the increased muscle tone which is common in the upper motor neuron lesion and it can be developed due to disease (stroke, MS, tumors, infection, intoxication) and trauma. This research included 30 patients with muscular spasm after upper motor neuron lesion. All of the patients were treated by passive exercises and stretching of agonists and antagonists. All patients were males, with age between 25 and 45 years (average 26.9 years). Applying t-test, in testing significant differences in changing muscular spasm, in relationship to the length of the kinesitherapy treatment, there were no significant differences between 1st and 15th day of treatment. Significant difference in spasm grades was after 30th day of treatment compare to 1st and 15th day. This research showed that decreasing muscle spasm we could be expected by applying the kinesitherapy procedures for a longer time.

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