Kinesin-5 is not essential for mitotic spindle elongation in Dictyostelium.

  title={Kinesin-5 is not essential for mitotic spindle elongation in Dictyostelium.},
  author={Irina Tikhonenko and Dilip K. Nag and Nora Martin and Michael P. Koonce},
  journal={Cell motility and the cytoskeleton},
  volume={65 11},
The proper assembly and operation of the mitotic spindle is essential to ensure the accurate segregation of chromosomes and to position the cytokinetic furrow during cell division in eukaryotes. Not only are dynamic microtubules required but also the concerted actions of multiple motor proteins are necessary to effect spindle pole separation, chromosome alignment, chromatid segregation, and spindle elongation. Although a number of motor proteins are known to play a role in mitosis, there… CONTINUE READING