Kinematically Stabilized Microbubble Actuator Arrays

  title={Kinematically Stabilized Microbubble Actuator Arrays},
  author={Xiaosong Wu and Guang Yuan and Yong-Kyu Yoon and M. G. Allen},
  journal={Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems},
In this paper, the concept, fabrication, and characterization of a kinematically stabilized polymeric microbubble actuator (endoskeletal microbubble actuator) for a pneumatic tactile display application are presented. The kinematic stabilization is achieved by the combination of two polymeric layers with complementary functions: a microcorrugated parylene diaphragm layer as a ldquoskeletonrdquo to provide a directional deflection in a desired axial direction while suppressing undesired lateral… CONTINUE READING