Kinematic dynamo simulations of von Kármán flows: application to the VKS experiment

  title={Kinematic dynamo simulations of von K{\'a}rm{\'a}n flows: application to the VKS experiment},
  author={{\'A}kos Pint{\'e}r and B{\'e}reng{\`e}re Dubrulle and Franccois Daviaud},
  journal={The European Physical Journal B},
AbstractThe VKS experiment has evidenced dynamo action in a highly turbulent liquid sodium von Kármán flow [R. Monchaux et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 044502 (2007)]. However, the existence and the onset of a dynamo happen to depend on the experimental configuration. Performing kinematic dynamo simulations on real flows, we study the influence of the configuration on dynamo action, namely the sense of rotation and the presence of an annulus in the shear layer plane. The 3 components of the mean… 

Symmetry and couplings in stationary Von Kármán sodium dynamos

We study different types of stationary dynamos observed in the Von Kármán sodium (VKS) experiment when varying the electromagnetic boundary conditions on (and in) the impellers. The flow is driven

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Abstract. The Von Kármán Sodium experiment yields a variety of dynamo regimes, when asymmetry is imparted to the flow by rotating impellers at different speed F1 and F2. We show that as the intensity

Kinematic dynamo action in square and hexagonal patterns.

  • B. FavierM. Proctor
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2013
This work considers kinematic dynamo action in rapidly rotating Boussinesq convection just above onset, and finds that the dynamo properties of square and hexagonal patterns are qualitatively similar.

Kinematic dynamo onset and magnetic field saturation in rotating spherical Couette and periodic box simulations

Magnetic fields are ubiquitous in the universe and can be found in celestial bodies, galaxies, stars including our Sun and planets like the Earth or Jupiter. Due to the fact that at least in the



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Numerical studies of a kinematic dynamo based on von Karman type flows between two counterrotating disks in a finite cylinder are reported. The flow has been optimized using a water model experiment,

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The von Karman Sodium (VKS) experiment studies dynamo action in the flow generated inside a cylinder filled with liquid sodium by the rotation of coaxial impellers (the von Karman geometry). We first

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We report successive bifurcations in direct numerical simulations (DNSs) of a Taylor–Green flow, in both a hydro- and a magneto-hydrodynamic case. Hydrodynamic bifurcations occur in between different

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We investigate dynamo action by solving the kinematic dynamo problem for velocity fields of the von Karman type between two coaxial counter-rotating propellers in a cylinder. A Galerkin method is

Impact of impellers on the axisymmetric magnetic mode in the VKS2 dynamo experiment.

It is conjecture that the dynamo action achieved in this experiment may not be related to the turbulence in the bulk of the flow, but rather to the alpha effect induced by the impellers.

Supercritical transition to turbulence in an inertially driven von Kármán closed flow

We study the transition from laminar flow to fully developed turbulence for an inertially driven von Kármán flow between two counter-rotating large impellers fitted with curved blades over a wide

Experimental demonstration of a homogeneous two-scale dynamo

It has been shown theoretically that homogeneous kinematic dynamo action is possible for many unconfined and confined velocity fields, but a rigorous experimental validation is still lacking. G. O.

Numerical study of dynamo action at low magnetic Prandtl numbers.

The difficulty of resolving a large range of scales is circumvented by combining direct numerical simulations, a Lagrangian-averaged model and large-eddy simulations, and the flow is generated by the Taylor-Green forcing.

Dynamo action of fluid motions with two-dimensional periodicity

  • G. Roberts
  • Geology
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1972
In a previous paper it has been established that almost all spatially periodic motions of an infinite homogenous conducting fluid give magnetohydrodynamic dynamo action for almost all values of the