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Kinematic Lensing with the Roman Space Telescope

  title={Kinematic Lensing with the Roman Space Telescope},
  author={Jiachuan Xu and T. F. Eifler and Eric M. Huff and S. PranjalR. and Hung-Jin Huang and S. Everett and E. Krause},
Kinematic lensing (KL) is a new cosmological measurement technique that combines traditional weak lensing (WL) shape measurements of disc galaxies with their kinematic information. Using the Tully-Fisher relation KL breaks the degeneracy between intrinsic and observed ellipticity and significantly reduces the impact of multiple systematics that are present in traditional WL. We explore the performance of KL given the instrument capabilities of the Roman Space Telescope, assuming overlap of the… 

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Science with a next-generation Very Large Array

vTF. Then we apply measurement noise. The noise is determined as follows: • We assume shape measurement error σ =0.009 per ̂ component, which is derived from equation

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