Kindling with rapidly recurring hippocampal seizures

  title={Kindling with rapidly recurring hippocampal seizures},
  author={E W Lothman and J M Hatlelid and Charles F Zorumski and Joan A Conry and Jonathan B. Perlin},
  journal={Brain Research},
Bipolar electrodes, stereotactically implanted in the hippocampus of adult rats, were used to deliver 10 s trains of suprathreshold tetanic electrical stimuli every few minutes. As indices of seizure intensity, durations of the afterdischarges triggered by these stimuli were measured, and the accompanying behaviors were scored on a 5-point scale. After 2-3 h, prolonged afterdischarges appeared in conjunction with severe limbic seizures, separated by periods of approximately 60 min. After 3-9 h… CONTINUE READING

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