Kin2. A Kinect 2 toolbox for MATLAB

  title={Kin2. A Kinect 2 toolbox for MATLAB},
  author={Juan R. Terven and Diana Margarita C{\'o}rdova Esparza},
  journal={Sci. Comput. Program.},
This paper introduces Kin2, a Kinect 2 toolbox for MATLAB. This toolbox encapsulates most of the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 functionality in a single class with high-level methods. The toolbox is written mostly in C++ with MATLAB Mex functions providing access to color, depth, infrared, and body index frames; coordinate mapping capabilities; real-time six-bodies tracking with 25 joints and hands states; face and high-definition face processing; and real-time 3D reconstruction. We showed that… CONTINUE READING