Kilo-instruction processors: overcoming the memory wall

  title={Kilo-instruction processors: overcoming the memory wall},
  author={Adri{\'a}n Cristal and Oliverio J. Santana and Francisco J. Cazorla and Marco Galluzzi and Tanaus{\'u} Ram{\'i}rez and Miquel Peric{\`a}s and Mateo Valero},
  journal={IEEE Micro},
Historically, advances in integrated circuit technology have driven improvements in processor microarchitecture and led to todays microprocessors with sophisticated pipelines operating at very high clock frequencies. However, performance improvements achievable by high-frequency microprocessors have become seriously limited by main-memory access latencies because main-memory speeds have improved at a much slower pace than microprocessor speeds. Its crucial to deal with this performance… CONTINUE READING
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