Kiglapait geochemistry V: Strontium

  title={Kiglapait geochemistry V: Strontium},
  author={Stearns A. Morse},
Abstract The Kiglapait intrusion contains 330 ppm Sr and has Sr Ca = 5 × 10 −3 and Rb Sr = 3 × 10 −3 , as determined by summation over the Layered Group of the intrusion. Wholerocks in the Lower Zone contain 403 F L 0.141 ppm Sr, where F L is the fraction of liquid remaining; Sr drops to 180 ppm at the peak of augite production ( F L = 0.11) and rises to a maximum of 430 ppm in the Upper Zone before decreasing to 172 ppm at the end of crystallization. Feldspars in the Lower Zone contain 532 F L… CONTINUE READING