Kidney toxicity of 3-methylxanthine in the rat.

  title={Kidney toxicity of 3-methylxanthine in the rat.},
  author={Richard Sellman and P. J. Klemi},
  journal={Journal of applied toxicology : JAT},
  volume={4 6},
The effects of 3-methylxanthine, the pharmacologically active metabolite of theophylline, on the kidneys of Wistar rats after short-term administration were studied. 3-Methylxanthine was administered in oral doses of 0 (control), 50, 100 and 200 mg per kg per day for 1, 8 and 16 days. The kidneys were examined by light and electron microscopy. Tubular necrosis was noticed at a dose level of 100 mg kg-1 after 16 days and at a dose level of 200 mg kg-1 after 8 days. Elevated values of serum urea… CONTINUE READING
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