Ki-67 and c-jun expression in pancreatic cancer: a prognostic marker?

  title={Ki-67 and c-jun expression in pancreatic cancer: a prognostic marker?},
  author={Cathy A. Ferrara and Gianpaolo Tessari and Anna Poletti and C Giacon and Tamara Meggiato and D de A Martines and Giuseppe Del Favero and Remo Naccarato},
  journal={Oncology reports},
  volume={6 5},
The proto-oncogene c-jun is involved in cell proliferation and Ki-67 antigen permits determination of the proportion of proliferating tumour cells. The expression of c-jun and Ki-67 in pancreatic cancer and their relation with tumour histological features and patients survival were evaluated. Specimens were obtained as follows: 14 pancreatic cancer from patients radically operated, 8 liver metastases from subjects submitted to palliation, 5 normal pancreas from organs donors and 5 chronic… CONTINUE READING

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