Key residues involved in calcium-binding motifs in EGF-like domains

  title={Key residues involved in calcium-binding motifs in EGF-like domains},
  author={Penny A Handford and M. A. Mayhew and Michel Baron and Peter R Winship and Iain D. Campbell and George G. Brownlee},
MANY extracellular proteins with diverse functions contain domains similar to epidermal growth factor (EGF), a number of which have a consensus Asp/Asn, Asp/Asn, Asp*/Asn*, Tyr/Phe (where the asterisk denotes a β/-hydroxylated residue)1. These include the coagulation factors IX and X, proteins with two EGF-like domains, the first of which contains the consensus residues2. The first EGF-like domain of human factor IX contains a calcium-binding site, which is believed to be responsible for one of… CONTINUE READING

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