Key residues characteristic of GATA N-fingers are recognized by FOG.

  title={Key residues characteristic of GATA N-fingers are recognized by FOG.},
  author={Archa H Fox and Kasper Kowalski and Glenn F. King and Joel P. Mackay and Merlin Crossley},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={273 50},
Protein-protein interactions play significant roles in the control of gene expression. These interactions often occur between small, discrete domains within different transcription factors. In particular, zinc fingers, usually regarded as DNA-binding domains, are now also known to be involved in mediating contacts between proteins. We have investigated the interaction between the erythroid transcription factor GATA-1 and its partner, the 9 zinc finger protein, FOG (Friend Of GATA). We… CONTINUE READING


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