Key issues in advanced bleeding care in trauma.

  title={Key issues in advanced bleeding care in trauma.},
  author={Rolf Rossaint and Vladim{\'i}r Cern{\'y} and Timothy J Coats and Jacques Duranteau and Enrique Fern{\'a}ndez-Mond{\'e}jar and Giovanni Gordini and Philip F. Stahel and Beverley J Hunt and Edmund A G Neugebauer and Donat R Spahn},
  volume={26 4},
The incidence of hemostatic abnormalities in the early hours after traumatic incident is high and represents an independent predictor of mortality. Key factors in the development of traumatic coagulopathy include the severity of injury, hypothermia, acidosis, hemorrhagic shock, hemodilution, clotting factor consumption, and fibrinolysis. Assessment of bleeding includes evaluation of the mechanism of injury, vital signs, biochemistry, detection of external and internal bleeding sources, injuries… CONTINUE READING
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