Key inflammatory signaling pathways are regulated by the proteasome.

  title={Key inflammatory signaling pathways are regulated by the proteasome.},
  author={Jing Shen and Julia C Reis and David C. Morrison and Christopher J. Papasian and Sreekumar Raghavakaimal and Christopher P. Kolbert and Asaf A. Qureshi and Stefanie N. Vogel and Nilofer Qureshi},
  volume={25 5},
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is a major structural component of all Gram-negative organisms and has been implicated in Gram-negative sepsis and septic shock. In the present study, Affymetrix microarray analysis of RNA derived from murine macrophages treated with LPS in the absence or presence of the proteasome inhibitor lactacystin revealed that the vast majority of genes regulated by LPS is under control of the proteasome. Analysis of the data has revealed that the products of these genes… CONTINUE READING