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Key Methods for Land use Impact Assessment : An Overview

  title={Key Methods for Land use Impact Assessment : An Overview},
  author={Shivangi Shukla and T Sakshi and Ch. Shivakoti},
INTRODUCTION The current position of development of economy of world is described by increasing level of the land use and the impact of environment associated with it. The intensity and complexity of the both manmade and natural interactions lead to a deterioration of the quality of land, food security concerns, lack of environmental sustainability and biodiversity reduction at different levels. As land is one of the most crucial resources required for human beings, not only for living but also… 



Natural Resources and Environmental Issues

Main focus has been laid upon India; India is the most populous country in the world and with the impact of population explosion, there is exhaustion of natural resources and environmental degradation.

Environmental Impacts Assessment of Brackish Water Aquaculture Activity in Nagapattinam Region, South East Coast of India

Coastal Land use Change has become an important component in current strategies for managing coastal resources and monitoring its environmental changes. This study examines the Landuse conversion and

Considering the Socio-ecological Co-construction of Nature Conceptions as a Basis for Urban Environmental Governance

This paper addresses the evolution of nature conceptions in the last two decades as a response to the global ecological crisis and the parallel redefinition of landscape and society-environment

Assessing the impact of existing and future water demand on economic and environmental aspects (case study from Rift Valley Lake Basin: Meki-Ziway Sub Basin), Ethiopia

In the development of water resource projects there is an increase and extensive use of water resources, which causes exploitation of the existing systems and ecosystem of the natural environment.

Environmental Issues Concerning the Economic Development of Tourism in Iraq

Environmental pollution is one of the main factors that stand as an obstacle in the development of the tourism sector. In Iraq, within the last three decades, this issue has had significant impacts

Microplastics in the Marine Environment: Current Status, Assessment Methodologies, Impacts and Solutions

Microplastics exhibit a global distribution and have been detected in all levels of the marine environment. The most visible and disturbing impact of microplastics are their ingestion and consequent

Environmental Impact Assessment of A Proposed 2640 MW ThermalPower Plant at Sompeta Using RIAM

Coal is the only natural resource and fossil fuel available in abundance in India. Consequently, it is used widely as a thermal energy source and also as fuel for thermal power plants producing

RUSLE and SDR Model Based Sediment Yield Assessment in a GIS and Remote Sensing Environment: A Case Study of Koga Watershed, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

Soil erosion and the subsequent sedimentation are the major watershed problems in Ethiopia. Removal of top fertile soil, siltation of Koga irrigation reservoir, clogging of irrigation canal by

Application of Remote Sensing and Gis

oastal areas, the place where the waters of the seas meet the land are indeed unique places in our global geography. They are endowed with a very wide range of coastal ecosystems like mangroves,

Likoti Farming under Changing Climate in Lesotho: Agronomic Grain Yield versus Technical Efficiency

Climate Change (CC) and with sub-optimal nutrient contents in the soils of Lesotho is negatively impacting yield and yield components of maize. Often, the grain yield is often ≤ 2.50 t/ha in most