Key Based Approach for Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources


Patients’ medical records are very important for practitioners to make medical related report or provide knowledge for the management to make a decision. With the advancement of Information Technology, most clinics and hospitals have their own system to process and to store their own medical data. Different clinics or hospitals might use different types of data standards, models, or procedures to process their patients’ medical data. The implication of these is the medical data cannot be shared by the systems. A proper mechanism is needed so that the medical data can be integrated and shared among the systems in the hospital. Existing mechanisms on the data integration are not based on keys. In this paper, an integrator tool is proposed to integrate the heterogeneous data sources and mapped into the predefined global schema. The methodology used in this study consists of four phases: Analysis Phase, Design Phase, Implementation Phase, and Testing Phase. The proposed tool is efficient in terms of further improves the results of the integration. Being able to integrate data from different sources and map into a global view will improve the accuracy of information in the database. KeywordsIntegration, Heterogeneous Data Sources, Global Schema,Medical Records

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