Ketomethylenebestatin: Synthesis and Aminopeptidase Inhibition

  title={Ketomethylenebestatin: Synthesis and Aminopeptidase Inhibition},
  author={Rosario Herranz and Julia Castro‐Pichel and Ma Teresa Garc{\'i}a-L{\'o}pez and Isabel M. Gomez-Monterrey and Concepci{\'o}n P{\'e}rez and Soledad Vinuesa},
  journal={Archiv der Pharmazie},
The synthesis of (6R,5S,2RS)‐6‐amino‐5‐hydroxy‐2‐isobutyl‐4‐oxo‐7‐phenylheptanoic acid (9), a carbaanalogue of the aminopeptidase (AP) inhibitor bestatin (1) is described. This synthesis was carried out by a malonic ester alkylation with the suitably protected halomethyl ketone of (2S,3R)‐AHPBA. 
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