Ketamine-induced neuronal cell death in the perinatal rhesus monkey.

  title={Ketamine-induced neuronal cell death in the perinatal rhesus monkey.},
  author={William Slikker and Xiaoju Zou and Charlotte E. Hotchkiss and Rebecca L Divine and Natalya Sadovova and Nathan C. Twaddle and Daniel R. Doerge and Andrew C. Scallet and Tucker A. Patterson and Joseph Hanig and Merle G. Paule and Cheng Wang},
  journal={Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology},
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Ketamine is widely used as a pediatric anesthetic. Studies in developing rodents have indicated that ketamine-induced anesthesia results in brain cell death. Additional studies are needed to determine if ketamine anesthesia results in brain cell death in the nonhuman primate and if so, to begin to define the stage of development and the duration of ketamine anesthesia necessary to produce brain cell death. Rhesus monkeys (N = 3 for each treatment and control group) at three stages of… CONTINUE READING