Kerr/CFT Correspondence

  title={Kerr/CFT Correspondence},
  author={Monica M. Guica and Thomas Hartman and Wei Song and Andrew Strominger},
Quantum gravity in the region very near the horizon of an extreme Kerr black hole (whose angular momentum and mass are related by J=GM{sup 2}) is considered. It is shown that consistent boundary conditions exist, for which the asymptotic symmetry generators form one copy of the Virasoro algebra with central charge c{sub L}=(12J/({Dirac_h}/2{pi})). This implies that the near-horizon quantum states can be identified with those of (a chiral half of) a two-dimensional conformal field theory (CFT… Expand
The Kerr/CFT Correspondence and String Theory
The Kerr/CFT correspondence is a holographic duality between a two dimensional chiral conformal field theory (CFT) and the very near horizon limit of an extremal black hole, which includes an AdS{subExpand
We show that the near horizon regime of a Kerr–Newman AdS (KNAdS) black hole, given by its two-dimensional analogue a la Robinson and Wilczek (Phys. Rev. Lett.95, 011303 (2005)), is asymptoticallyExpand
A Tomimatsu-Sato/CFT correspondence
We analyze the = 2 Tomimatsu-Sato spacetime in the context of the proposed Kerr/CFT correspondence. This 4-dimensional vacuum spacetime is asymptotically at and has a well-dened ADM mass and angularExpand
Cosmology as a CFT1
We show that the simplest FLRW cosmological system consisting in the homogeneous and isotropic massless Einstein-Scalar system enjoys a hidden conformal symmetry under the 1D conformal groupExpand
On Quantum Microstates in the Near Extremal, Near Horizon Kerr Geometry
We study the thermodynamics of near horizon near extremal Kerr (NHNEK) geometry within the framework of $AdS_2/CFT_1$ correspondence. We start by shifting the horizon of near horizon extremal KerrExpand
The Kerr/CFT correspondence and its extensions: a comprehensive review
We present a first-principles derivation of the main results of the Kerr/CFT correspondence and its extensions using only tools from gravity and quantum field theory. Firstly, we review properties ofExpand
Extremal Black Hole/CFT Correspondence in (Guaged) Supergravities
We extend the investigation of the recently proposed Kerr/conformal field theory correspondence to large classes of rotating black hole solutions in gauged and ungauged supergravities. TheExpand
Hidden conformal symmetry of the Kerr-Newman black hole
We investigate the hidden conformal symmetry of the 4-dimensional non-extremal Kerr-Newman (KN) black hole with the idea of the near-region Kerr/CFT correspondence proposed by Castro, Maloney andExpand
The Kerr/CFT Correspondence and its Extensions
  • G. Compère
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Living reviews in relativity
  • 2012
We present a first-principles derivation of the main results of the Kerr/CFT correspondence and its extensions using only tools from gravity and quantum field theory, filling a few gaps in theExpand
Charged quantum fields in AdS$_2$
We consider quantum field theory near the horizon of an extreme Kerr black hole. In this limit, the dynamics is well approximated by a tower of electrically charged fields propagating in anExpand


Extreme Kerr throat geometry: A vacuum analog of AdS 2 × S 2
We study the near-horizon limit of a four-dimensional extreme rotating black hole. The limiting metric is a completely nonsingular vacuum solution, with an enhanced symmetry groupExpand
Universal low-energy dynamics for rotating black holes
Fundamental string theory has been used to show that low-energy excitations of certain black holes are described by a two-dimensional conformal field theory. This picture has been found to beExpand
Wrapped M2/M5 duality
A microscopic accounting of the entropy of a generic 5D supersymmetric rotating black hole, arising from wrapped M2-branes in Calabi-Yau compactified M-theory, is an outstanding unsolved problem. InExpand
Renormalized stress tensor in Kerr space-time: General results
We derive constraints on the form of the renormalized stress tensor for states on Kerr space-time based on general physical principles: symmetry, the conservation equations, the trace anomaly andExpand
Quantum critical transport, duality, and M-theory
We consider charge transport properties of 2+1 dimensional conformal field theories at non-zero temperature. For theories with only Abelian U(1) charges, we describe the action of particle-vortexExpand
AdS3 black holes and a stringy exclusion principle
The duality relating near-horizon microstates of black holes obtained as orbifolds of a subset of AdS3 to the states of a conformal field theory is analyzed in detail. The SL(2,R)L?SL(2,R)R invariantExpand
The Large N limit of superconformal field theories and supergravity
We show that the large-N limits of certainconformal field theories in various dimensions includein their Hilbert space a sector describing supergravityon the product of anti-de Sitter spacetimes,Expand
Renormalized stress-energy tensor near the horizon of a slowly evolving, rotating black hole.
  • Frolov, Thorne
  • Medicine, Physics
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1989
The renormalized expectation value of the stress-energy tensor of a quantum field in an arbitrary quantum state near the future horizon of a rotating (Kerr) black hole is derived in two very different ways: one makes use of traditional techniques of quantum field theory in curved spacetime, augmented by a variant of the "η formalism" for handling superradiant modes. Expand
We show that a class of four-dimensional rotating black holes allow five-dimensional embeddings as black rotating strings. Their near-horizon geometry factorizes locally as a product of theExpand
Semi-classical central charge in topologically massive gravity
It is shown that the warped black hole geometries discussed recently in arXiv:0807.3040 (Anninos et al 2008) admit an algebra of asymptotic symmetries isomorphic to the semi-direct product of aExpand