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Keratolysis exfoliativa.

  title={Keratolysis exfoliativa.},
  author={Amelia K. Hausauer and David E. Cohen},
  journal={Dermatology online journal},
  volume={21 12}
  • Amelia K. Hausauer, David E. Cohen
  • Published in Dermatology online journal 2015
  • Medicine
  • Keratolysis exfoliativa (KE) is a palmoplantar eruption of air-filled bullae on an erythematous base, which results in lamellar peeling with hallmark superficial collarettes of scale. It is distinct from other diseases of volar skin, such as dyshidrosis, contact dermatitis, tinea, epidermolysis bullosa, and acral skin peeling. We present a 55-year-old woman with extensive disease on the hands and feet, who failed to respond to standard topical therapy but showed a marked dose-response… CONTINUE READING

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