Keratinophilic fungi from selected soils of Bahrain

  title={Keratinophilic fungi from selected soils of Bahrain},
  author={Sunil Kumar Deshmukh and Qaher A. Mandeel and Shilpa Amit Verekar},
Eighty soil samples were collected from various sites of Bahrain and screened for presence of keratinophilic fungi using hair baiting techniques for isolation. Thirty-six isolates were recovered and identified. The cultures were identified using macro- and micromorphological features. Their identification was also confirmed by the BLAST search of sequences of ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 rDNA region against the NCBI/Gene bank data and compared with deposited sequences for confirmation. Eight species of five… Expand
Incidence of Keratinophilic Fungi from the Selected Soils of Kaziranga National Park, Assam (India)
Seventy-eight soil samples were collected from the various locations in the vicinity of Kaziranga National Park (Assam), India, during April to October 2009 and screened for the presence ofExpand
Isolation and Molecular Identification of Keratinophilic Fungi from Public Parks Soil in Shiraz, Iran
The study results showed that many keratinophilic fungi isolated from the parks soil are important for public health and children are an important group at a high risk of being exposed to these fungi. Expand
Prevalence of dermatophytes and other keratinophilic fungi from soils of public parks and playgrounds of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
In order to determine the incidence of dermatophytes and related keratinophilic fungi present in Riyadh soil, eighty soil samples were collected .These samples were screened using hair baitingExpand
Epidemiological investigation of keratinophilic fungi from soils of Djerba (Tunisia).
  • S. Anane
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal de mycologie medicale
  • 2012
The study showed that keratinophilic fungi were present in the various soils of Djerba and may represent a risk to human health. Expand
Distribution of Keratinophilic Fungi in Soil Across Tunisia: A Descriptive Study and Review of the Literature
Keratinophilic fungi are frequent throughout Tunisian territory, particularly in soils with a high organic matter content that should be regarded as humans and animals mycoses reservoir. Expand
Isolation of keratinophilic fungi from soil in Isfahan province, Iran.
E. album was isolated for the first time in this country (Iran) and the frequency these keratinophilic fungi are discussed in relation to different agents such as soil pH. Expand
Prevalence of keratinophiic fungi and other dermatophytes from soils of Nnewi in Anambra state , Nigeria
This study was carried out to isolate and identify the keratinophilic fungi and other dermatophytes present in soils of Otolo Nnewi, Nnewi north local government area, Anambra state, Nigeria. EightyExpand
Keratinophilic fungi on feathers of common clinically healthy birds in Bahrain
It is shown that apparently healthy bird feathers can harbour a variety of fungi that may be considered as a source for transmitting potential pathogens of clinical importance. Expand
It was found that horse and goat hair were more suitable for isolation of keratinophilic fungi with a percentage of 100% for each, followed by cattle hair, sheep wool, and chicken feathers. Expand
A Distribution of Keratinophilic Fungi Isolated from the Soil of Haeundae Beach in Korea
It is confirmed that pathogenic fungi can be found in places crowded by many people, and further research and continuous data collection are needed to confirm the distribution of pathogenic KPF. Expand


Keratinophilic Fungi Recovered from Muddy Soil in Cairo Vicinities, Egypt
One hundred samples of muddy soil were collected from seven areas in the vicinity of Cairo and screened for the presence of keratinophilic fungi by using hair baiting isolation technique, and the most prevalent species was Chrysosporium zonatum which represented 42.5% of the total number of isolates. Expand
Keratinophilic fungi from the vicinity of meteorite crater soils of Lonar (India)
Thirty-two soil samples were collected from six sites in the vicinity of Lonar lake, a meteorite crater and screened for presence of keratinophilic fungi using hair baiting techniques for isolation, finding 17 isolates that were identified by recognition of their macro- and micromorphological features. Expand
Incidence of keratinophilic fungi from selected soils of Kerala state (India)
One hundred and fifty-eight soil samples were collected from various areas of four districts of Kerala and screened for prevalence of keratinophilic fungi and related dermatophytes and a total of eight genera with 15 species were isolated. Expand
Isolation of Dermatophytes and other Keratinophilic Fungi from the Vicinity of Salt Pan Soils of Mumbai, India
Soil samples from twenty salt pans and their vicinity around Mumbai and Thanewere screened for the occurrence of keratinophilic fungi and related dermatophytes.Ten species classified in six generaExpand
The occurrence of dermatophytes and other keratinophilic fungi from the soils of Himachal Pradesh (India)
Results of a preliminary study of keratinophilic fungi from soils collected from a variety of sites in hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh, India, are reported. A total of 122 soil samples were examined,Expand
Keratinophilic fungi in soils of Yemen Arab Republic
Thirty‐six species belonging to 15 genera of keratinophilic fungi were collected from 50 soil samples gathered from different places of Yemen by using hair fragments as baits at 28 °C. Six species ofExpand
Ecology of dermatophytes and other keratinophilic fungi in swimming pools and polluted and unpolluted streams
Swimming pools, polluted and un-polluted stream sites were found to be rich in pathogenic and potentially pathogenic fungi and the 5-FC medium was more suitable for the isolation of dermatophytes and closely related species than the SDA medium. Expand
Survey of keratinophilic fungi isolated from city park soils of Pisa, Italy
A survey of geophilic dermatophytes and related keratinophilic fungi isolated from city park soils of Pisa is reported, and the presence of the different species is discussed in relation to the risk of fungal skin infections. Expand
A survey on the pathogenic fungi in soil samples of potted plants from Sari hospitals, Iran.
A total of 23 soil samples of potted plants was collected from hospitals in Sari, Iran. Each sample contained approximately 200 g soil, taken from a depth of 0-10 cm of the pots. Samples wereExpand
The isolation of Keratinophilic fungi from soils in Israel. A preliminary report
Five species were isolated from the 59 positive samples, and most of the geophilic organisms were recovered from garden soil, road-side and sandy-soil specimens. Expand