Keratinocytes in culture accumulate phagocytosed melanosomes in the perinuclear area

  title={Keratinocytes in culture accumulate phagocytosed melanosomes in the perinuclear area},
  author={H. Ando and Y. Niki and M. Yoshida and Masaaki Ito and Kaoru Akiyama and J. Kim and T. Yoon and Jeung-Hoon Lee and M. Matsui and M. Ichihashi},
  journal={Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research},
There are many techniques for evaluating melanosome transfer to keratinocytes but the spectrophotometric quantification of melanosomes incorporated by keratinocyte phagocytosis has not been previously reported. Here we describe a new method that allows the spectrophotometric visualization of melanosome uptake by normal human keratinocytes in culture. Fontana‐Masson staining of keratinocytes incubated with isolated melanosomes showed the accumulation of incorporated melanosomes in the… Expand
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Melanosomes are transferred from melanocytes to keratinocytes through the processes of packaging, release, uptake, and dispersion.
Melanosome uptake is associated with the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes
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Autophagy has a significant role in determining skin color by regulating melanosome degradation in keratinocytes.
Expression and signaling of the tyrosine kinase FGFR2b/KGFR regulates phagocytosis and melanosome uptake in human keratinocytes


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Keratinocytes play a role in regulating distribution patterns of recipient melanosomes in vitro.