Keratinocyte apoptosis and p53 expression in cutaneous lupus and dermatomyositis.

  title={Keratinocyte apoptosis and p53 expression in cutaneous lupus and dermatomyositis.},
  author={Jos{\'e} Luis Pablos and Bego{\~n}a Santiago and Ma. Jesus Marco Galindo and Patricia Carreira and Claudio Ballest{\'i}n and Juan J G{\'o}mez-Reino},
  journal={The Journal of pathology},
  volume={188 1},
Keratinocyte apoptosis may be induced by ultraviolet-B radiation and represents a potential source of fragmented autoantigens in autoimmune diseases. This study investigates whether excessive keratinocyte apoptosis occurs in the skin lesions of cutaneous lupus (CLE) and dermatomyositis (DM) and the potential mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon. Skin biopsies have been studied from 19 patients with CLE and DM, eight with scleroderma, and five healthy controls. Apoptosis was detected by in… CONTINUE READING


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