Kept in Position: The Labour Front–Alliance Government of Chief Minister David Marshall in Singapore, April 1955 – June 1956

  title={Kept in Position: The Labour Front–Alliance Government of Chief Minister David Marshall in Singapore, April 1955 – June 1956},
  author={James Low},
  journal={Journal of Southeast Asian Studies},
  pages={41 - 64}
  • J. Low
  • Published 1 February 2004
  • Economics
  • Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
Using declassified British documents and Chinese-language newspapers, this paper seeks to supplement existing understanding of Chief Minister David Marshall's Labour Front-Alliance Government in Singapore from April 1955 to June 1956. From the outset, the government's reforms were hampered by its own weaknesses. It was viable only because British policy was to keep it ‘in position’. 
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Colonial Secretary to Cabinet
  • CP
For Lennox-Boyd's comment see Lennox-Boyd to Marshall
  • CRSA
From colonialism
Had I given him any indication of what Her Majesty's Government might agree to in the April talks (which was what he was after, and which I was not in any case prepared to give
Having discharged his duties, David Marshall resigned as the first Chief Minister of Singapore on
His remark on 'lepers' is from Manchester Guardian
Minister of State for the Colonies
NAS, A000074/37/19. 68 Black to Lennox-Boyd, saving no
On British readiness see COS Committee, COS(56)123, 'The immediate repercussions in Singapore of a failure in the London Talks next month
  • FRUS
On Lee Choon Eng see Thomas to Marshall
  • DMP