Kepler Planet-Detection Mission: Introduction and First Results

  title={Kepler Planet-Detection Mission: Introduction and First Results},
  author={W. Borucki and D. Koch and G. Basri and N. Batalha and T. Brown and D. Caldwell and J. Caldwell and J. Christensen-Dalsgaard and W. Cochran and E. Devore and E. Dunham and A. Dupree and T. Gautier and J. Geary and R. Gilliland and A. Gould and S. Howell and J. Jenkins and Y. Kondo and D. Latham and G. Marcy and S. Meibom and H. Kjeldsen and J. Lissauer and D. Monet and D. Morrison and D. Sasselov and J. Tarter and Alan Boss and D. Brownlee and T. Owen and D. Buzasi and David Charbonneau and L. Doyle and J. Fortney and E. Ford and M. Holman and S. Seager and J. Steffen and W. Welsh and J. Rowe and H. Anderson and L. Buchhave and D. Ciardi and L. Walkowicz and W. Sherry and E. Horch and H. Isaacson and M. Everett and D. Fischer and G. Torres and J. Johnson and M. Endl and P. MacQueen and S. T. Bryson and J. Dotson and M. Haas and J. Kolodziejczak and J. V. Van Cleve and H. Chandrasekaran and J. Twicken and E. Quintana and B. Clarke and C. Allen and J. Li and Haley Wu and P. Tenenbaum and E. Verner and F. Bruhweiler and J. Barnes and A. Pr{\vs}a},
  pages={977 - 980}
  • W. Borucki, D. Koch, +68 authors A. Prša
  • Published 2010
  • Geology, Medicine, Physics
  • Science
  • Detecting Distant Planets More than 400 planets have been detected outside the solar system, most of which have masses similar to that of the gas giant planet, Jupiter. Borucki et al. (p. 977, published online 7 January) summarize the planetary findings derived from the first six weeks of observations with the Kepler mission whose objective is to search for and determine the frequency of Earth-like planets in the habitable zones of other stars. The results include the detection of five new… CONTINUE READING
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