Kepler-36: A Pair of Planets with Neighboring Orbits and Dissimilar Densities

  title={Kepler-36: A Pair of Planets with Neighboring Orbits and Dissimilar Densities},
  author={J. A. Carter and E. Agol and W. Chaplin and S. Basu and T. Bedding and L. Buchhave and J. Christensen-Dalsgaard and Katherine M. Deck and Y. Elsworth and D. Fabrycky and E. Ford and J. Fortney and S. Hale and R. Handberg and S. Hekker and M. Holman and D. Huber and C. Karoff and S. Kawaler and H. Kjeldsen and J. Lissauer and E. Lopez and M. Lund and M. Lundkvist and T. S. Metcalfe and A. Miglio and L. Rogers and D. Stello and W. Borucki and S. Bryson and J. Christiansen and W. Cochran and J. Geary and R. Gilliland and M. Haas and J. Hall and A. Howard and J. Jenkins and T. Klaus and D. Koch and D. Latham and P. MacQueen and D. Sasselov and J. Steffen and J. Twicken and J. Winn},
  pages={556 - 559}
  • J. A. Carter, E. Agol, +43 authors J. Winn
  • Published 2012
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • So Close and So Different In our solar system, the rocky planets have very distinct orbits from those of the gas giants. Carter et al. (p. 556, published online 21 June) report on a planetary system where this pattern does not apply, posing a challenge to theories of planet formation. Data from the Kepler space telescope reveal two planets with radically different densities orbiting the same star with very similar orbital periods. One planet has a rocky Earth-like composition and the other is… CONTINUE READING
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