Kepler-16: A Transiting Circumbinary Planet

  title={Kepler-16: A Transiting Circumbinary Planet},
  author={L. Doyle and J. A. Carter and D. Fabrycky and R. W. Slawson and S. Howell and J. Winn and J. Orosz and A. Pr{\vs}a and W. Welsh and S. Quinn and D. Latham and G. Torres and L. Buchhave and G. Marcy and J. Fortney and A. Shporer and E. Ford and J. Lissauer and D. Ragozzine and M. Rucker and N. Batalha and J. Jenkins and W. Borucki and D. Koch and C. Middour and J. R. Hall and S. McCauliff and M. Fanelli and E. Quintana and M. Holman and D. Caldwell and M. Still and R. P. Stefanik and Warren R. Brown and G. A. Esquerdo and S. Tang and G. Fur'esz and J. Geary and P. Berlind and M. L. Calkins and Donald R. Short and J. Steffen and D. Sasselov and E. Dunham and W. Cochran and Alan Boss and M. Haas and D. Buzasi and D. Fischer},
  pages={1602 - 1606}
  • L. Doyle, J. A. Carter, +46 authors D. Fischer
  • Published 2011
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • An exoplanet has been observed, comparable in size and mass to Saturn, that orbits a pair of stars. We report the detection of a planet whose orbit surrounds a pair of low-mass stars. Data from the Kepler spacecraft reveal transits of the planet across both stars, in addition to the mutual eclipses of the stars, giving precise constraints on the absolute dimensions of all three bodies. The planet is comparable to Saturn in mass and size and is on a nearly circular 229-day orbit around its two… CONTINUE READING
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