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Kenya - Reconciling society and the judiciary in northern Kenya

  title={Kenya - Reconciling society and the judiciary in northern Kenya},
  author={Tanja Chopra},
This report discusses how to reconcile society and the judiciary in northern Kenya. It is a companion paper to Building Informal Justice in Northern Kenya, which focuses on the peace initiatives in the arid lands. The introduction provides an overview of the Kenyan judicial system. The report contains eight sections covering conflicts in the arid lands; shortcomings of the judiciary; different cultures of justice; justice outside the courts; grievances against government authorities; emerging… 

Nationally Initiated Local Peace Committees : On the structure and functioning of the Nakuru Peace Committees in Kenya

With the evolving concept of Infrastructure for Peace as a starting point, and its emphasis on local ownership of peacebuilding initiatives, I analyse the structure and functioning of Local Peace C

Coping with scarcity in Northern Kenya: The Role of Pastoralist Borana Gada Indigenous Justice Institutions in Conflicts Prevention and Resolutions for Range Resources Managements

Northern Kenya is an arid part of Kenya, inhabited by the pastoralists who traverse the vast region on seasonal migrations as they seek sufficient pasture and water for their livestock. The harsh

Kenya’s Community-Based Paralegals

  • H. Moy
  • Law
    Community Paralegals and the Pursuit of Justice
  • 2018
* Special thanks to Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo, Monica Wabuke-Lutta, and the staff of the African Institute for Health andDevelopment for organizing field research and gathering data for this chapter. We

Intersubjective Meaning and Collective Action In'Fragile'Societies: Theory, Evidence and Policy Implications

The capacity to act collectively is not just a matter of groups sharing interests, incentives and values (or being sufficiently small), as standard economic theory predicts, but a prior and shared



The illusion of inclusion : women's access to rights in Northern Kenya

Kenyan law is drafted with the intent to conform to various international human rights conventions and documents. Many of these laws are conducive to promoting gender equality; however, there are

Legal aid days as a research tool : experiences from northern Kenya

Providing legal aid as part of a research program can bring both methodological and community benefits. Legal aid days encourage people to open up more quickly, increase the amount of information

Promoting women's rights by indigenous means : an innovative project in Kenya

The World Bank's Justice for the Poor (J4P) program seeks to gain a deeper understanding of local level justice processes, in order to identify pragmatic ways to allow access to justice for the poor

Understanding and managing pastoral conflict in Kenya

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