Kelsen – Which Kelsen? A Reapplication of the Pure Theory to International Law

  title={Kelsen – Which Kelsen? A Reapplication of the Pure Theory to International Law},
  author={J{\"o}rg Kammerhofer},
  journal={Leiden Journal of International Law},
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Abstract Hans Kelsen is known both as a legal theorist and as an international lawyer. This article shows that his theory of international law is an integral part of the Kelsenian Pure Theory of Law. Two areas of international law are analysed: first, Kelsen's coercive order paradigm and its relationship to the bellum iustum doctrine; second, the Kelsenian notion of the unity of all law vis-à-vis theories of the relationship of international and municipal law. In a second step, the results of… Expand
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International legal positivism


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For a proposal for a constitutional text for a radically re-formed international law see P. Allott
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