Kctd13 deletion reduces synaptic transmission via increased RhoA

  title={Kctd13 deletion reduces synaptic transmission via increased RhoA},
  author={Christine O Escamilla and Irina Filonova and Angela K. Walker and Zhong X. Xuan and Roopashri Holehonnur and Felipe Espinosa and Shunan Liu and Summer B. Thyme and Isabel A. L{\'o}pez-Garc{\'i}a and Dorian B. Mendoza and Noriyoshi Usui and Jacob Ellegood and Amelia J Eisch and Genevieve Konopka and Jason P. Lerch and Alexander F Schier and Haley E. Speed and Craig M. Powell},
Copy-number variants of chromosome 16 region 16p11.2 are linked to neuropsychiatric disorders and are among the most prevalent in autism spectrum disorders. Of many 16p11.2 genes, Kctd13 has been implicated as a major driver of neurodevelopmental phenotypes. The function of KCTD13 in the mammalian brain, however, remains unknown. Here we delete the Kctd13… CONTINUE READING
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