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Kaya Kalpa methods adopted by Siddars: a scientific approach.

  title={Kaya Kalpa methods adopted by Siddars: a scientific approach.},
  author={S. P. Rajalakshmi and G. Veluchamy},
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Thirumular says in his "THIRUMANTHIRAM" the body is a sacred instrument to contain the soul and therefore must be nurtured well to safeguard the life. Thirumular is reported to have lived a long span of three thousand years according to tradition. The art of longevity and the attempts of immortalising the corporeal human body were the ultimate aims of Siddhars as understood from their numerous treatises on the art of rejuvenation - Thirumular Karpam - 300, Bohar Karpam - 300, Thiruvalluvur… 
The Siddhars: the great artisans of gold medicines in medieval South India
Gold, the king of metals, valued for its timeless beauty and properties, was known to the ancients as the metal of gods, a symbol of nobility of spirit, knowledge and meditation. To the alchemists,
Yogic breathing when compared to attention control reduces the levels of pro-inflammatory biomarkers in saliva: a pilot randomized controlled trial
These data are the first to demonstrate the feasibility of detecting salivary cytokines using multiplex assay in response to a Yoga practice.
Alterations in Salivary Proteome following Single Twenty-Minute Session of Yogic Breathing
These data are the first to demonstrate the feasibility of stimulating and detecting salivary protein biomarkers in response to an acute Yoga exercise and show a significant increase in YB group as measured by Western Blotting.


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