Kawasaki disease and the T-cell antigen receptor.

  title={Kawasaki disease and the T-cell antigen receptor.},
  author={Janine M. Jason and E Monta{\~n}a and J. D. Donald and Michael Seidman and K. L. Inge and Richard D. Campbell},
  journal={Human immunology},
  volume={59 1},
We investigated the evidence for an infectious etiology of Kawasaki disease (KD), an acute vasculitis of unknown etiology, by assessing the effects of KD on the T cell antigen receptor variable beta region families (V beta). Using 3-color flow cytometry, we studied KD patients pre- and post-intravenous gamma globulin (IVIG) therapy and at > 40 days post therapy, additionally comparing them to matched pediatric control patients (PCC) and their own healthy parents (one parent/KD child). Of all… CONTINUE READING