Kaumoebavirus, a New Virus That Clusters with Faustoviruses and Asfarviridae

  title={Kaumoebavirus, a New Virus That Clusters with Faustoviruses and Asfarviridae},
  author={Leena Hussein Bajrai and Samia Benamar and Esam I Azhar and Catherine Robert and Anthony Levasseur and Didier Raoult and Bernard La Scola},
In this study, we report the isolation of a new giant virus found in sewage water from the southern area of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), with morphological and genomic resemblance to Faustoviruses. This new giant virus, named Kaumoebavirus, was obtained from co-culture with Vermamoeba vermiformis, an amoeboid protozoa considered to be of special interest to human health and the environment. This new virus has ~250 nm icosahedral capsids and a 350,731 bp DNA genome length. The genome of Kaumoebavirus… CONTINUE READING