Karyotypic abnormalities in adenocarcinomas of the lung.

  title={Karyotypic abnormalities in adenocarcinomas of the lung.},
  author={Maria K Johansson and S Karauzum and Claudia Dietrich and Nils Mandahl and G{\"o}ran Hambraeus and Lotta Johansson and Per Pr{\ae}torius Clausen and Felix Mitelman and Sverre Heim},
  journal={International journal of oncology},
  volume={5 1},
Cytogenetic analysis of 114 adenocarcinomas of the lung revealed clonal abnormalities in 67 tumors. The chromosome numbers ranged from near-diploid to hypertetraploid. Clonal abnormalities seen as the sole anomaly were loss of the Y chromosome (21 tumors), trisomy 7 (2 tumors), and trisomy 12 (1 tumor). A supernumerary ring chromosome was the only clonal change in 4 tumors. The bands most often affected were 17p11-13 (13 cases), 1q10-12 and 1p22 (10 cases each), 1p11-13 and 1q21 (9 cases each… CONTINUE READING