Karyotype and age in acute myeloid leukemia. Are they linked?

  title={Karyotype and age in acute myeloid leukemia. Are they linked?},
  author={Anthony V Moorman and Eve Roman and Eleanor V. Willett and Gareth J. Dovey and Raymond A Cartwright and Gareth J Morgan},
  journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics},
  volume={126 2},
A novel hierarchical cytogenetic classification for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) has been developed. Patients with successful cytogenetics and a diagnosis of AML were categorized into four mutually exclusive karyotype groups: normal, translocation, deletion and trisomy. Patients with more than one chromosomal abnormality were classified using the hierarchy: established translocation>established deletion>established trisomy>non-established translocation>non-established deletion>non-established… CONTINUE READING


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