Karyopherin-alpha2 protein interacts with Chk2 and contributes to its nuclear import.

  title={Karyopherin-alpha2 protein interacts with Chk2 and contributes to its nuclear import.},
  author={Laura Zannini and Daniele Lecis and Sofia Lisanti and Roberta Benetti and Giacomo Buscemi and Claudio Schneider and Domenico Delia},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={278 43},
Chk2 is a nuclear protein kinase involved in the DNA damage-induced ataxia telangiectasia mutated-dependent checkpoint arrest at multiple cell cycle phases. Searching for Chk2-binding proteins by a yeast two-hybrid system, we identified a strong interaction with karyopherin-alpha2 (KPNA-2), a gene product involved in active nuclear import of proteins bearing a nuclear localization signal (NLS). This finding was confirmed by glutathione S-transferase pull-down and co-immunoprecipitation assays… CONTINUE READING
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