Karyological Studies in Five Wild Species of Amaranths

  title={Karyological Studies in Five Wild Species of Amaranths},
  author={Eduardo Jos{\'e} Greizerstein and Claudio A. Naranjo and L. Del Poggio},
The karyotypes and total DNA content of five wild species of Amaranths (Amaranthus bouchonii (2n = 32), A. hybridus (2n = 32), A. quitensis (2n = 32), A. powellii (2n = 34) and A. spinosus (2n = 34)) were studied. These data are compared with that of the four grain species. The results indicate that this kind of studies allows the differenciation of these nine species of Amaranthus. There are differences in the karyotype formulae and asymmetry indexes A1 and A2. Moreover, this kind of studies… CONTINUE READING