• Political Science
  • Published 2014

Karriärsnätverk : En studie om chefers användning av kontaktnät

  title={Karri{\"a}rsn{\"a}tverk : En studie om chefers anv{\"a}ndning av kontaktn{\"a}t},
  author={Magdalena Isfelt and Tobias Karlsson and Daniel Rylander},
Contacts are acknowledged as a useful asset while searching and applying for jobs. A lot of information about job vacancies is being mediated through contacts in the labor market. A common opinion is that jobs and work positions can be attained a lot easier by using contacts than by applying to them formally. The purpose of this paper is to discover how executives have attained their managerial positions. It further aims to shed light on how significant the use of social capital is for… CONTINUE READING