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Karma and creativity

  title={Karma and creativity},
  author={C. Chapple},
Construction of a Creative and Self-Transcending Life: George Sudarshan's Conception and Experience of Creativity
This article presents a philosophical perspective on creativity as described in the writings of George Sudarshan, a highly accomplished theoretical physicist and natural philosopher whose vision ofExpand
The Relationship Between Creativity and Intelligence: A Combined Yogic-Scientific Approach
ABSTRACT Three ancient yogic philosophies, describing the evolution of cognitive–affective phenomena toward the nondual state of yoga, or union, (e.g., dissolution of the subject–object dichotomy)Expand
Reincarnation is a trado-religious concept, by which a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death. For centuries the phenomenon of ReincarnationExpand
Karma Theory, Determinism, Fatalism and Freedom of Will
  • R. Silvestre
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • Logica Universalis
  • 2017
A branching time semantic framework is introduced in which statements such as “state of affairs e is a karmic effect of agent a”, “a wills it to be the case that e” and “e is inevitable” could be properly represented. Expand
The Character of Creativity: The Vedic Perspective
This article provides an overview of some insights relating to various aspects of creativity provided by the Vedas—the most ancient scriptural and philosophical texts known to history. In describingExpand
Jugaad to grassroot innovations: understanding the landscape of the informal sector innovations in India
Ironically, the phenomenal growth in the academic literature on innovation in recent years has omitted the innovative activities in the informal sector. There is no doubt that the informal sectorExpand
Karma in Asian religions
Pro-Environmental Behaviors for Thee But Not for Me: Green Giants, Green Gods, and External Environmental Locus of Control
Understanding consumers' allocation of environmental responsibility to external forces (i.e., those perceived to be beyond their direct control) is important yet under-researched. This paper examinesExpand
Enacting Selves, Enacting Worlds: On the Buddhist Theory of Karma
The concept of karma is one of the most general and basic for the philosophical traditions of India, one of an interconnected cluster of concepts that form the basic presuppositions of IndianExpand
The theater of agency : a comparative critical approach to Indian aesthetics of morals
ions or mere instruments in some solipsistic quest for self-realization. Rather, the Heart Universal embraces all things particular as expressions of the achieved person’s own creativeExpand